Interview Franco Uncini                                                                                



1. Franco, in which year did you start racing and in which catagory was it?

2.Can you indicate what was your reason or even motivation to start racing? Were you inspired by someone?

3. Where and when was your first actual GP and can you tell us how it felt to be amongst all the Big Stars?

4. Were you technically taking care of your own bike or were you supported by an engineer?

5. What was your favourite track those days and can you give us a reason for this?

6.In 1981 you were ‘given’ the former factory bike from Wil Hartog who decided to end his career. Can you give us a bit insight how you guys came together? Was the Suzuki factory involved or probably a major sponsor?

7. It appeared the Suzuki was not the most reliable bike that year. Could you probably explain us what were the reasons for this?

8. In the year 1982 you were given a factory bike from Suzuki; looking back to the previous year did you have any confidence in the works bike?

9.Could you even imagine or dream you become the world champion that year?

10. Which races during the 1982 season were the best ones according to you?

11. By the end of the 1982 season you were world champion. Did you receive other opportunities to race in different factory teams or factories?

12. The 1983 season appeared to be more difficult than the previous year. Can you specify what were the reasons for this?

13. Assen 1983, a terrible accident happened where you had to fight for your life. Are you willing to share some information with us or do you probably prefer to skip this question?

14. How much time did you spend in the hospital in Groningen and do you remember any of it?

15. In 1984 you started racing again. Were you able to put the 1983 accident aside and go for it again?

16. What was the most funny experience you had during you racing years?

17. Did you have a most favourite rider back in the days? The one you respected and admired most?

18. Which country offers the best food in your opinion?

19. Today you are a Safety Officer at FIM. Is there any relation tot the accidents you axperienced before? (Assen 1983 and Salzburg 1977)

20. In a nutshell, can you indicate the biggest differences between racing today and in your days?

21. The bikes today are extremely powerfull, exceeding 250HP even. Should the developments continue or shoud limitations be considered?

22. Looking at todays racing, which rider are you respecting the most?

23. Are you carrying out any other work next to your role at FIM?

24. Does mr. Franco Uncini has any future wishes?

25. If you look back over your sholder, are you a satisfied man in terms of achievements in racing?

Franco, on behalf of all racing fans and enthousiasts, I would like to sincerely thank you fort he great memories you left for us over the years.


With kindest regards Ben Looijen


Questions translated by Jenne Smit